“PASSPORT” is the ticket to a place beyond your daily life.
Discover an extraordinary world filled with new sights, sounds, and smells.
Let's take flight -- fearlessly unleash your curiosity and allow your imagination to soar.
The world is more beautiful still--.

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Founding Members

Specialists from many different fields such as photographers, designers,
and editors have all collaborated to create this magazine “PASSPORT>>>.”
It will take you to a world filled with surprises and brightness.

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Kentaro Hanamura
Creative Director

Formerly an assistant of Shin Yamagishi, he launched career as an independent photographer in 2011. With a primary focus on portraits and landscapes, his work has been featured in advertisements and magazine covers. In addition to the field of photography he has also been featured as a contributing author.

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Tomoki Hashimoto
Art Director

has been working in the field of advertising and mass-marketing. He has many outstanding clients and has created advertisements for Philips Nonfryer, LOFT, GUINZE, AJINOMOTO, and Suntory Welness. In 2010, he won many awards including the Asahi Advertising Award and Yomiuri Advertising Award.

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Yuki Sokabe

Has worked as an editor on numerous magazines and websites detailing life in and around Tokyo. His specialty is capturing the local cuisine and culture of the areas he profiles. He has also taken part in operating promotions and events for commercial facilities in Tokyo.

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Nikola March & Ikuna
English language Editor & Translator

Nikola’s collegiate capstone project exploring the subject of genocide and the Srebrenica massacre was awarded for excellence. After Ikuna graduated from California State University, she started her career as a translator. Currently Nikola and Ikuna are working together as translators in Japan.

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Shiiho Furukawa
Art Director

Born in Taiwan in 1986, Shiiho has contributed to numerous websites and video games as a lead designer at KAYAC. Inc. After becoming independent in 2014, he established his own company called “FUKASIGI.” Working under the concept of "MAKING DESIGNS BREAK THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE."

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Masato Takeda
IT Architect

A business consultant for software, specializing in data analytics in the fields of education and social games, he has also created original websites and apps from the ground up including designing, developing, and inspection. Currently, he administers "Sunrise River" and holds seminars on the topic of IT.



“PASSPORT>>>” is a travel magazine optimized for
digital tablets, which provides the reader with
a unique digital viewing experience.

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